KC4 Emergency Shower Dual Port Eye Wash
Emergency shower and eye wash systems are manufactured and deployed in accordance with CE-DIN12899-UN19608

Its product feature is that it can be removed immediately
when someone accidentally encounters damage with acid and alkali, industrial solvents or corrosive products . The surface of the product is acid and corrosion resistant. The pipe is made of stainless steel, the connector is made of copper, and the inner wall is rust-proof. The shower head cover is made of Φ70 rubber cup to avoid the secondary injury caused by the instant contact with the eyes during emergency use. The cup guard and mouthpiece dustproof table can usually be dustproof . The high water pressure prevents the eyes from being hurt, and the dust-proof table has a connection to the cup guard to prevent dust and fall off. Execution index Requires G1 inch pipe to connect to drinking water pipe Minimum water pressure : 4bar